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Trade Services

Market Evaluation

The BCB can check if there is a viable market for your products and services by checking with local distributors and retailers in the market.

Guidance on Local Import and Trade Regulations

The BCB can put you in touch with contacts within local authorities, who can provide you with a complete list of all regulations related to your products and services.

Market Research

The BCB can look at researching the market and validating a list of relevant contacts for you to speak or meet with.

Arranging Meetings

The BCB can arrange meetings for you with its contacts within private and government organisations in UAE, who express an interest in meeting with you.

Business Opportunities

The BCB can work with UAE retailers and distributors in the identification of demand for British products and post business opportunities for British companies on BCB and their partners’ websites.

Arranging Meetings in UK

The BCB can arrange meetings for UAE retailers/distributors in the UK with relevant British based companies during one-time visits or during exhibitions/conferences.

Increasing Brand Awareness

The BCB can organise events for existing British companies in the region to raise their profile and increase Brand Awareness. Events can be held at the British Embassies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.