Clients of the BCB will be provided with a spectrum of services and assistance to help them get started in the UAE. From enabling UK firms to become quickly and cost-effectively set up to helping each company identify and meet key business contacts, the BCB’s sole aim is to ensure business success.

Market Incubation

British firms can enjoy up to 24 months under the BCB’s aegis as they set up operations in the UAE. With the close support of the local governments, we have developed a unique structure that allows UK companies a quick, cost-effective and low-hassle set up and licensing path. The BCB manages and confers the mandatory elements of registered office space, local Service Agent that all foreign companies require in the UAE.

Facilitation & Support

BCB clients will benefit from the professional support of our team and network in order to help you meet your business goals in the UAE. We will help you find the right people & organisations for your company to be talking to commercially and we will also make sure that you are fully apprised of your corporate options after your year with the BCB.

Business Centre Services

The BCB can provide flexi-desk arrangements, meeting rooms and facilities to our clients as an additional service for those companies that require physical office support & services.

British Business Group Membership

All BCB clients automatically become BBG members and can enjoy the full range of events, networking and support that being a BBG member confers from day one.
See for more details on the Abu Dhabi BBG and for more details on the Dubai BBG.

Partners & Shortlisted Suppliers

We have developed a list of best-in-class companies to provide special arrangements directly to BCB clients. Please see the ‘Partners’ section for details. We have also shortlisted a number of suppliers in key areas such as legal advice, relocation, real estate, etc. to give your company direct support as you set up and establish in the UAE.