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Who We Are

The BCB is a business-to-business professional services company established with the mandate to provide operational support and market entry services in the UAE to British companies.
We are a member of the Overseas Business Network Initiative, created by the British Chambers of Commerce and the Department for International Trade, working together to create an international business network, providing practical support for UK exporters.
We are managed by a passionate team of professionals who love the UAE, are excited by the opportunities that the country offers and are committed to helping British firms succeed in the market.

What We Offer

The BCB has two core services: Incubation and Trade Services.
Through the BCB in Dubai (launched in July 2014) we provide UK companies with incubator-style support to help them get underway in the UAE. Working closely with local government in Dubai, we have developed a unique platform that allows British firms quick, cost-effective and efficient market entry which enables them to operate, fully licensed, under our aegis for a maximum of 24 months whilst they pursue business development opportunities and better understand their companies’ long-term corporate positioning in the region.
For British companies operating in the Retail, Food & Drink, Creative and ICT sectors, the BCB’s Trade Services arm helps client companies to develop their commercial horizons by facilitating introductions & meetings, identifying business opportunities and providing local insight, data & market intelligence.

How We Work

Our primary aim is to help British businesses, particularly SMEs, export & expand into the UAE.
We understand the issues, questions & complexities that UK firms encounter when they are developing plans for the UAE and seek to address those with a mixture of practical support and advice & consultancy.
We are client-led, so each enquiry we receive is treated individually on its own merits and the best solution is then identified accordingly, be it through the BCB’s own advisory services or incubation platform, or via introductions to qualified third-parties who are better suited to provide support in the particular circumstances.